Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last Post.

So, I've decided to stop blogging here.

Instead, I'll be blogging at a new website..

Enjoy =)


Monday, February 20, 2012

Lap Sap Pool Party.

Another update in a week. Not bad. If only this lasts.

Anyways, more on my summer break. Another event we attended was the Lap Sap pool party in KL. It was a girls day out so we went out without the boys.

The event overall was.. Okay I guess? I think it was because of the fact that the event was actually when the sun was still up that made it so much less fun. It was pretty hot as well. So after being there a while, we decided to take our girls outing somewhere else. And since we were dressed for a Pool Party, where better to take it then to the poolside?
So we went over to Riana Green to chill by the pool.

Designated driver of the day.


Bimbos at the back of the car. LOL

Us girls.

Had a great chilling by the pool with the girls just being bimbos and catching up.

There, another update =)

Will try and update again soon. Hopefully.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back to Nature.

I REALLY REALLY should start blogging more often. Either that or I should just shut down my blog. Still deciding since I only find the time to update once a month.

Anyways, I just got back to Nz after 3 months of holiday. It has been a good 3 months being able to catch up with all the darlings. Fortunately,
its back to Uni next week.

So anyways, back to my 3 months holiday. We celebrated the Bf's and Andrea's bday with a "back to nature" trip. LOL. It was celebrated at sekeping serendah glass house. It was a really fun, drama free trip.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.


back to nature.

We settled down and started to bbq for dinner. We had heaps of food and actually managed to finish everything! LOL. After a nice shower, the drinking starts.

And then, the cam-whoring started.

The bday boi and girl.


The drunk-tard.

My babes.

Loving her long time.

Had a really good time despite higher expectations of the place. It was no doubt something really different.

Alright, it's already 6 plus am here. Should really try to sleep to get my timing back on track. Though i think I wont be able to. Will update more of my holidays soon.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Trip to Australia.

So, the sister finally graduated a few weeks back and we flew to Adelaide to attend her graduation.

Was in Aussie for a whole 10 days in Adelaide then Melbourne. Drove along the great ocean road for the 2nd time but this time, we stayed there.

Celebrated the sister's bday as well where she brought me drinking and clubbing after the family dinner. For a quiet town, the club she brought me to was pretty nice.

Didnt take much picz but here are the few that were taken.

Will be heading to Vertigo tonight. See you guys there =)